Thursday, 14 May 2015

Enjoy and Save on Your Trip: Booking Affordable Hotels Near Warrington

Some travellers feel like they save money if they cook their own meals. Some realise, though, that taking advantage of the food service in your hotel will give you more time to do what you really enjoy. Cooking isn’t usually at the top of any list for holiday activities! Most hotels near Warrington serve great local dishes at competitive prices. In fact, if you book a room in Happy Guests Lodge you can enjoy a free continental breakfast as part of your package. Buying meals instead of cooking will also allow you to taste the unique local dishes. If you’re lucky enough, some hotels serve regional dishes such as Chester Pudding and Cheshire Cheese. Also consider trying their unique pies and peas, soups and stews. Don’t forget the world famous ‘scouse’ from the nearby city of Liverpool.

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