Monday, 3 August 2015

Haven’t Been to a Bed and Breakfast? Things You’re Missing Out On

Summer holidays might bring you visions of tropical beaches and activities under the sun, but if you want a more intimate way of spending the summer with your partner, taking him or her to a bed and breakfast ranks among the best options. Bed and breakfast establishments have become very popular in the U.K. over the past few years. They perfectly encapsulate the definition of a comfortable “staycation”. If you haven’t been to a bed and breakfast in Warrington before, you definitely should this summer to experience these things you are missing out on.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hotels in Northwich Bring You Closer to an Exciting Historical Journey

"A town which has deep roots and owes its fortune to salt, Northwich has been among the “Wyche” towns in Cheshire that boasted of a flourishing salt industry during the Victorian Era. It is a place that still holds traces of a rich history amid the modern world. If going to the beach has lost its novelty and you’re looking for a more enriching way to spend the summer holidays, Northwich is definitely the place to be. Northwich features well-maintained historical buildings that have seemingly been transported from the past to the present, and there’s definitely a lot to learn about the town’s “salty” past. This summer is the perfect time to visit this exciting historical town so why not book a room from the many hotels in Northwich guaranteed to enrich your experience."