Monday, 3 August 2015

Haven’t Been to a Bed and Breakfast? Things You’re Missing Out On

Summer holidays might bring you visions of tropical beaches and activities under the sun, but if you want a more intimate way of spending the summer with your partner, taking him or her to a bed and breakfast ranks among the best options. Bed and breakfast establishments have become very popular in the U.K. over the past few years. They perfectly encapsulate the definition of a comfortable “staycation”. If you haven’t been to a bed and breakfast in Warrington before, you definitely should this summer to experience these things you are missing out on.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hotels in Northwich Bring You Closer to an Exciting Historical Journey

"A town which has deep roots and owes its fortune to salt, Northwich has been among the “Wyche” towns in Cheshire that boasted of a flourishing salt industry during the Victorian Era. It is a place that still holds traces of a rich history amid the modern world. If going to the beach has lost its novelty and you’re looking for a more enriching way to spend the summer holidays, Northwich is definitely the place to be. Northwich features well-maintained historical buildings that have seemingly been transported from the past to the present, and there’s definitely a lot to learn about the town’s “salty” past. This summer is the perfect time to visit this exciting historical town so why not book a room from the many hotels in Northwich guaranteed to enrich your experience."

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Booking Early at Hotels in Warrington and Other Vacation Travel Tips

"If you’re thinking of taking a vacation around Cheshire in the coming months, booking early at hotels in Warrington, like Happy Guests Lodge, is the least you can do to ensure a smooth vacation. There are ways you can make your holiday trouble-free and memorable, whether it’s just for you and your spouse, or for the entire family. Here are some tips. Plan Ahead The key to everything is having a plan. Knowing what to visit around Cheshire would make things easier for you to plan your itinerary. You’ll know what to prepare for and what you need to bring. For example, if you’re planning to check out historical locations, you’ll want to do some research on what sights there are to see in the area and group together sites that are near each other. Take into consideration the purpose of your vacation; your plans may be different if you’re in Cheshire for a romantic getaway rather than a family trip!"

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Booking a Bed and Breakfast in Warrington: Tips for a Romantic Getaway

Has the stress and the workload in your office caused you to miss out on some valuable time with your significant other? If so, taking him or her to a relaxing bed and breakfast near Warrington for the weekend can be just the thing you need to unwind and spend time with the most important person in your life Of course, choosing any old bed and breakfast simply won’t do. You’ll have to take the time to make sure that the place you choose can help you unwind and relax. At the same time, you want to choose a bed and breakfast that has a great reputation for being accommodating to guests.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Enjoy and Save on Your Trip: Booking Affordable Hotels Near Warrington

Some travellers feel like they save money if they cook their own meals. Some realise, though, that taking advantage of the food service in your hotel will give you more time to do what you really enjoy. Cooking isn’t usually at the top of any list for holiday activities! Most hotels near Warrington serve great local dishes at competitive prices. In fact, if you book a room in Happy Guests Lodge you can enjoy a free continental breakfast as part of your package. Buying meals instead of cooking will also allow you to taste the unique local dishes. If you’re lucky enough, some hotels serve regional dishes such as Chester Pudding and Cheshire Cheese. Also consider trying their unique pies and peas, soups and stews. Don’t forget the world famous ‘scouse’ from the nearby city of Liverpool.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tips on Booking Hotels in Warrington for New and Seasoned Travellers

Booking hotels in Warrington should be first on your to-do list if you’re traveling to the area for the first time—or even for the tenth time. While this place is teeming with fun attractions, such as Warrington Museum & Art Gallery and Lymm Dam Nature Reserve, you have to ensure that you’ll have a safe and relaxing place to stay. Hotels like Happy Guests Lodge are not only situated close to leading tourist attractions, but also offer affordable rooms for tourists and travelers. When making a hotel reservation, however, there are several things you have to consider, especially if this is your first time visiting Warrington. You will find a great deal of choice in this city but only very few may offer the amenities you want at a competitive price. The booking process and policy may also vary from one hotel to another so you have to research beforehand.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Choose a Bed and Breakfast in Warrington to Suit Your Budget

When people plan their vacations, one of the first things they pay attention to is their budget. While vacations are always good for the mind, body, and soul, they can come with huge expenses for airfares, accommodation, food, and many other essentials. Fortunately, those who are planning a getaway to the county of Cheshire in North West England can find lodging in an excellent bed and breakfast in Warrington, which would perfectly fit any tourist’s budget.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hotels near Warrington and Widnes Bring You Closer to Fun Activities

Spring is soon to end, giving way to the months of summer. Though a tropical beach or a trip abroad might sound appealing to you, you don’t have to search that far across Britain to look for the best way to spend a summer vacation with your family. There are a lot of activities and places to visit in Cheshire alone, and staying in one of the highly recommended hotels near Warrington or Widnes can bring you closer to the county’s fun offerings.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Stay at Hotels in Runcorn and Join Warrington Campus’ 65th Anniversary

Ever wanted to gain a glimpse of academic life at a place other than your alma mater? The University of Chester’s Warrington Campus, the former Padgate Training College, will celebrate its 65th anniversary on 30 May 2015 by opening its doors to the public from 10:00 to 16:00 (BST). First recognised by the Department of Education in 1949, the campus is a centre for teaching and research in public service, business, media, and sport.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Try a Bed and Breakfast near Warrington or Northwich

Warrington is just one of the towns in the Cheshire area with great attractions and there is surely are a lot to love about the place including the famous theme park Gulliver’s World and the Warrington Museum & Art Gallery. The surrounding area also sports prime attractions such as the flying demonstrations held at Cheshire Falconry in Northwich and the Halton Miniature Railway over at the industrial town of Runcorn. These are great venues to experience when next visiting Cheshire. To enjoy them fully why not find some great accommodation like a bed and breakfast near Warrington, Northwich, or Runcorn. The area offers a lot of choices. It might seem difficult to choose but with the proper knowledge, you can make this easy.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Finding Nice Hotels near Warrington or Northwich

Events like this are among the many attractions that tourists can visit in Northwich and surrounding areas. There are many enjoyable events and beautiful historical landmarks that people can go to throughout the year. In particular, Northwich is known for its religious sites and Warrington boasts the ever popular Gulliver’s World theme park. If you want to visit these places then it’s not too hard to find nice hotels near Warrington or Northwich. With the boom in Cheshire tourism, you’ll find that you have many choices for accommodation in the area.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Check Hotels in Warrington if You Plan on Attending Fun Tourist Events

Events like this make tourism come alive in Warrington, but there are also other popular attractions like Gulliver’s World, TeamSport Warrington, Apple Jack Adventure Park, Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, Lymm Dam Nature Reserve, and many more. The town held a campaign last February called “Love Warrington”, which involved fun activities for Warrington residents and tourists alike. Even without such events, there are lots of fun places to visit and activities to do in Warrington throughout the year. If you’re planning to stay over in Warrington for a few days, you’ll need lodging. There are many nice hotels in Warrington to make your stay comfortable and hassle-free.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Some Dos and Don’ts When Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Warrington

Staying at a bed and breakfast near Warrington is truly a pleasurable experience. An article from states that “They are more personal, more intimate, and ultimately in our humble opinion, they are a much more comfortable type of accommodation. In many ways, they bridge the gap between hotel and home.” Needless to say, for most people, bed and breakfast accommodation takes the comforts of staying in at a great hotel and adds some personalised attention. A bed and breakfast is usually owned independently and creates a more intimate atmosphere than that of a typical hotel. One thing that guests should be mindful of is the check-in and check-out times. Of course, the rooms must be cleaned after a guest has checked out in order to have them ready by the time the next guest checks in. Bed and breakfasts usually have a small number of staff so they may need more time to complete all the necessary cleaning etc.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Hotels in Widnes: Must-Have Facilities for a Fun and Unique Experience

Seeing amazing places like Cheshire, England, sampling the local cuisine, meeting new people and learning about the culture are what comprise a memorable vacation. Travelling - although usually related to huge expenditure - can still be made practical and unforgettable. To ensure the experience remains within budget you can do no better than choosing from the most accommodating hotels near Warrington or in Widnes. Choosing a great place to stay in can be a complicated task given the wide selection of hotels in the area, along with their amenities and special promotions offered. Karen Fawcett, following her many journeys all around the world, has reached a point at which she is certain about the ‘must-haves’ that each hotel should provide to their guests. Here are some of them:

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Well-Situated Hotels in Warrington and Runcorn Make Vacations Simple

Getaway vacations are essential for any couple however they can be overwhelming for new couples. That trip to Thailand maybe enjoyable, but it can put a lot of strain on a relationship, especially if some things didn’t go as planned. Fortunately, there are quite a few locations in the United Kingdom where you and your partner can take a simple and relaxing vacation. One of these places is the county of Cheshire in North West England. On the border of Manchester to the north and Wales to the west, Cheshire is probably best known for giving its name to Lewis Carrol’s feline creation from Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat; however, the county also happens to be an ideal place to spend a short vacation with its numerous tourist offerings in easy distance of comfortable hotels in Warrington like the Happy Guests Lodge.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Warrington is a Must Try Experience

If this sounds good to you, then you’d be even more glad to know that staying at a Northwich bed and breakfast costs so much less than at a hotel. Additionally, while hotels have a larger staff, you can get service that goes beyond just providing basic accommodation needs at a bed and breakfast. Most bed and breakfast owners treat their patrons as if they are important house guests, even a part of the family. They make sure that they provide the comfort that weary travelers need so that they feel as if they never left their homes.

And while staying in a bed and breakfast is a wonderful experience all of its own, be sure to look for other activities around the area. Some lodges are conveniently located in areas that are famous for fun activities: fun for both groups of friends or families. Do research local attractions or other points of interest in and around the town.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Economy Hotels Near Warrington for a More Enjoyable Family Vacation

Spending quality time with your little ones is not something you should do only when it’s convenient. As children get older parents often have to double their effort to support their children’s increasing needs. Unfortunately, these efforts can result in the opposite of what’s intended. It’s every parent’s nightmare. Pressure from the need to adapt to a bigger world may be overwhelming for many children. On the other hand if you let the kids just ‘get on with it’ they may take this lack of attention as negligence of their value, which fuels insecurity and frustrations; the formula for a rebellious adolescence. To lessen the chances of rebellious children, kids should get adequate guidance as early as possible. If you can’t communicate with your kids regularly because of work demands, then at least reserve time for a vacation so your family can unwind. Experts suggest taking them to new environments so they can be adventurous.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

B&B Hotels in Warrington Offer Fun Staycation Alternative for Families

Family bonding can be loads of fun, but it’s definitely not an easy task to figure out how to split the budget for the basics while still leaving room for some entertainment. This may be why recent years have seen many Brit families opting for staycations instead of expensive holidays abroad. The term “staycation” combines the words “stay’ and “vacation” and simply means staying in one’s country, locale, or neighbourhood for relaxation instead of going too far away. For those who want to take a break without breaking the bank, bed and breakfasts (B&B’s) will fit the bill perfectly. There are cheap hotels in Warrington that are big on personality without being too heavy on the pocket, and they’re a great place to take the whole family for a long weekend. The Quick Cash Club advises that staycations must be planned in advance in order to avoid stress and save money, but once the details are ironed out, the family is ready to head out and enjoy themselves.