Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bed and Breakfast in Warrington Makes a Perfect Getaway for Couples

Marriage counsellors have long extolled the value of unhurried time together for husbands and wives without the nuisances of work, running a household and raising the children. Time alone together allows spouses to rekindle the romance, communication and intimacy in their relationship. Two of the biggest obstacles to achieving this however are the costs involved and finding the right getaway. An article in women’s online resource She Knows offers a brilliant idea: a bed and breakfast weekend.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Top Amenities Most Desired by Customers of Hotels near Warrington

Local hotels near Warrington, such as the Happy Guests Lodge, exist for one main reason: to provide guests “a home far from home” where everything they need is taken care of. To this end, such hotels offer a plethora of amenities to satisfy these demands. As an article on the online hospitality resource notes:

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Why Hotels in Warrington and Elsewhere Should always have Good Wi-Fi

These days, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is synonymous with good hotel service—as is the case at highly rated bed and breakfast hotels in Warrington. If the latest numbers are any indication, what used to be a luxury is now a basic amenity and indeed a sales strategy for many hotels worldwide. For instance, 73 percent of hoteliers who responded to a survey - conducted by telecommunications company Motorola and partner IDG Connect - agree that thanks to free Wi-Fi access, their bookings have increased tenfold. Since 2000, the number of internet users around the world has increased by a whopping 566 percent. In addition, a growing number of travellers simply crave and indeed need to stay hyper-connected. Travellers these days rely on Wi-Fi access for basically anything: making business calls, relaxing by way of music or video streaming as well as uploading photos and videos on social media.